Full Vision SL doors

The first aesthetic, lightweight, easy-to-use, and safe sliding door solution with newly developed PET doors!

Full Vision SL sliding door is an extremely flexible sliding solution for retrofitting on existing normal temperature refrigerated cabinets without existing doors or for OEM integration in NT cabinets, tested by the Class 3 (25/60).

  • Gravity-closing lifting hinges
  • The possibility of joining sashes of different widths and the ‘single frame’ system
  • Vertical LED lighting can be installed
  • Simple assembly and maintenance
  • Easy adaptation for installation in existing racks

The new design selections and materials used make it a practical robust and transparent aesthetical product, perfect for any situation. The Wide Vision concept provides excellent product visibility and view on the products by the double pane PET doors.

The sliding system meets Clear Vision Cooling highest quality standards. The automatic soft closing and limit braking system guarantees an easy handling, opening and closing. These features are topped by the safety warranty of being nearly unbreakable.

Welcome to the innovation worldwide, could be seen first at The Euroshop 2020.