Frameless, 100% transparency and self-closing doors.

Full Vision RIM / Cold room doors

(FP / Full Protection)
Almost unbreakable, fully transparent hinged doors

In specific countries, they are used for special milk trolley door refrigerated cabinets or even for the so-called Cold room applications.

Regarding the daily pushing in and pulling out of the trolleys, the Full Vision PET doors offer the extreme advantage of being nearly unbreakable and guarantee a long service life.

These doors are flexible – they are available in many sizes and for each well-known cabinet. They are also easy to integrate in OEM cabinets.

Additional advantages of Full Vision RIM/Cold room doors
  • Completely frameless
  • Easily and fully recyclable
  • Light weight (1/3 of glass)
  • Energy saving up to 50 %
  • Available with a metal cover on the bottom part
  • Alternatively available with a milky foil on the bottom part
  • Fast installation – easy to remove