A smooth, adjustable closing system also guarantees easy and pleasant handling and the so-called ‘Mercedes-effect’!

Full Vision doors HG

Maximum safety, transparency, and ergonomic handling

Our Full Vision (FV) door is our newest lightweight double-pane insulated solution, made of plastic PET material. It is completely frameless and symmetrical in design. The door consists of a thermoformed interior sheet combined with a flat exterior sheet. It is designed to be robust and durable. We apply glass silicate layers on the plastic sheet for scratch resistance and anti-fouling.

Advantages of Full Vision doors
  • Completely frameless
  • Highest safety (no breakages)
  • Easily and full recyclable
  • Light weight (1/3 of glass)
  • Easy handling –  safe for children
  • Self closing with a soft mechanism
  • Hinges tested more than 500.000 times
  • Energy saving up to 50 %
  • Can be retrofitted to commercially available cabinets
  • Perfectly developed for OEM integration
  • Designed according to DIN EN ISO 23953
  • Lab Test according to the Class 3 : 25 C° and 60 % of humidity
  • Beside the standard one, other handle solutions available
  • Very fast installation (80 % less time needed in comparison to glass)
  • General warranty : 2 years , external damages not included

To ensure a tight alignment of the doors that, at the same time, give a straight and nice look and feel to your customers, we bring new hydraulic hinges to the market. Benefits of these hinges are, among others:

  • Made of high quality materials
  • Hermetically sealed and no leakage of oil
  • Water resistant
  • 500.000 opening and closing movements guaranteed
  • Slim version almost invisible

The hydraulic hinges also allow the doors to be maintenance-free.

The base system of the Full Vision door is that the doors are interchangeable.

A smooth and adjustable closing system also guarantees easy and pleasant handling, and the so-called ‘Mercedes-effect’!